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Walter’s newest novel presents a strong sense of personal, familial, and historic pasts interacting with each other, affecting the narrative in the present moment of remembering and reflecting. Memories of combat in Vietnam, growing up in the house of a grandmother filled with her own conflicts, the love and devotion of a caring aunt, dealing with a wayward sister, leaving home, and learning about his grandparents killed in a genocide by the Turks.
A powerful linkage binds the memories through fabulous mastery of language, offering intense, reflective insights with a keen perception into complete characters.
Walter’s imagery is vividly descriptive, beautifully written, rhythmically subdued, and evocative while grounding the work in the immediacy of the everyday.




Walter Schenck presents a new, exciting version of Greek mythology written in free verse, poetry, block verse, and prose. The story of Greek gods and legends takes place in an alternate universe numbered among other dimensions utilizing overlapping timelines as though concurrent. Sequential timelines are grouped together as the gods exist outside conventional reference, deliberately mixing histories together as if one event. The story is not concerned about chronological placement as it reimagines a new world of Greek heroes, myths, and legends without restriction, as they all co-exist in the same time-line. Mr. Schenck’s firm grasping and expertise on traditional attributes allowed him to reconstruct a new world of mythology to create a vastly different thematic drama from well-known Greek plays. Mr. Schenck’s latest offering is a visual delight, a triumph of intellectualism, presenting an evocative miracle of great writing. It is not unreasonable to say that Mr. Schenck is America’s most versatile, accomplished writer. “Prometheus, Reimagined, is an ambitious retelling of Greek mythology with a little bit of a twist into other beliefs and eras that both those who are familiar with the stories and characters, and those who are new to them will enjoy. In fact, many readers may find parallels to today’s world, particularly with the situations Zeus finds himself in. … The mix of other religion beliefs, as well as the “one true god” whisking the earth away from these gods and demi-gods who have mishandled it is a nice touch. As a novel, the book has compelling characters…” “A masterful use of language with lovely descriptions and a poetic type of prose. The scenes are painted with sensory detail and readers can immerse themselves in the writing. The narrative voice is distinct and the use of omniscient POV works in this case – which is rare.”

A collection of conservative political, prophetically religious poetry favoring President Donald Trump from award-winning poet, award-winning author, award-winning biographer, and America’s most versatile writer, Walter Schenck. This collection of poems is written with keen, profound insight into the realities of the political arena as well into the trials of everyday life. This collection is remarkable!